The Definitive Entrepreneur’s Guide to Lawyers

The Definitive Entrepreneur’s Guide to Lawyers: 35 Little-known facts, secrets, techniques, and tricks to making sure you get every penny’s worth of value from your lawyer

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Knowing the ins and outs of picking the right lawyer isn’t a matter of intelligence—it’s about experience and expertise. You may have a great deal of both when it comes to your industry, but most entrepreneurs don’t know much about the law. Your strengths lie elsewhere. As a result, you may find yourself intimidated by the idea of selecting legal counsel.


Containing nearly three dozen moneysaving, angst-minimizing tips, The Definitive Entrepreneur’s Guide to Lawyers is a go-to resource for the entrepreneur who wants to streamline the budget while leveraging the most effective legal services available.


You will learn:


•How to select a legal firm: Should you go small, medium, or large?

•What a corporate lawyer can do—and what a specialist can do better.

•How law firms are organized, and how you can tailor your legal consultations to save you hundreds or thousands.

•Why getting an opinion in writing isn’t always a good idea.

•When the do-it-yourself approach can save money—and when it can cost you big.

•How a lawyer can protect your ideas—even before you quit your day job.

•How to protect yourself when financing or borrowing.

•How to fire your lawyer.

•The basics of intellectual property and protection, including the ins and outs of patents.

•How to select the right legal entity structure for your startup.


These tips aren’t just academic or theoretical—they are the product of startup expert Naeem Zafar’s twenty years in the trenches, as well as his extensive interviews with some of Silicon Valley’s premier lawyers. This volume compiles advice and information unavailable in any other single source, putting countless hours of field research at your fingertips.


The Definitive Entrepreneur’s Guide to Lawyers is a one-stop resource for any entrepreneur who realizes that, without expert legal help, the dream of growing a successful startup cannot become a reality. This information will help you avoid some of the most common (and expensive) mistakes entrepreneurs make every day.


The guide also includes:

•A step-by-step guide to finding and hiring the right lawyer for your company.

•An easy-to-understand chart explaining the differences between the various corporate structures. (This chart alone can save you thousands of dollars in tax obligations every year!)

•Proven communication strategies that will slash your legal bill by half each month. (Zafar didn’t dream up these strategies—they come straight from the mouths of top Silicon Valley attorneys.)

•A quick guide to the most common legal issues plaguing entrepreneurs, as well as effective methods for overcoming them.


Zafar doesn’t waste words. An entrepreneur himself, he knows the value of your time. The Definitive Entrepreneur’s Guide to Lawyers is a powerhouse of information, packing 35 tested and proven methods into 60 tightly written, value-filled pages. Follow the tips within, and you will swiftly find this volume more than paying for itself.